King Yeshua’s Visitation

Awaking to His Parousia as a Thief in the Night

A Planet in Peril

Earth, a planet in great peril. We have seen the headlines and read the articles, watched the videos, studied the scientific data and observations, listened to eyewitness accounts of people’s experiences about climate change, heard of the endangered species of animals, the swift deterioration of the planet, and impending extinction. Something is wrong. This is not normal. A planet in peril was described and prophesied in the Holy Scriptures so it is not just what scientists are explaining to us. What current generations are witnessing now, including the threat of extinction, was foretold many centuries ago by the holy prophets in Scripture. What many scientists are warning the world about now concerning a sixth extinction, the Lord’s holy prophets wrote in Scriptures a long time ago. They are both aligning with each other in a very real and terrifying way. He is removing the old and replacing it with the new. We are entering into a new reality that many would prefer to deny and not believe is true. King Yeshua’s Visitation explains how we have arrived to this point in prophecy by going through some events in history in the writings of those ancient historians who lived during those times.

We are inhabitants on a planet in peril. What is unveiling in decades to come is worse than Noah’s flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, or even the destruction of the holy temple and desolation of Jerusalem. Why? Only the world was destroyed in Noah’s day, not the planet. Noah and his family had a planet left to live in. Lot and his family had another location to go to and earth remained. The people of Jerusalem could flee to the hills of Judea when they saw the Roman armies surrounding them. The nations of this modern world don’t have another place to go to that is never affected by this. Where do we go to flee the various catastrophes of climate change, severe natural disasters, various plagues, famines, increasing temperatures, collapsing governments and economies, volcanoes, a changing and shaken heavens, and a wandering celestial lake of fire? This will be worse than the dinosaurs’ extinction because the first earth remained after they passed away. Planet earth may not remain after this passing away. Everything will broke, burned, torn, melted, ripped apart, and wiped out of existence. We could be witnessing the last and the worst extinction of earth. Earth is like Titanic and black holes are like icebergs in the ocean of space. This could be one of God’s mysteries just now being uncovered. A fiery black hole (a wandering lake of fire) could be earth’s final destruction. It is terrifying to consider that if a certain fiery black hole is not the lake of fire (second death) itself, but they are possibly the portals to one in another dimension or universe. I explain a little more about this in King Yeshua’s Visitation.

One has to think that if everything from the four ancient worldly kingdoms, to the spiritual arrival and parousia of a great King during the first century generation, a first resurrection, Jerusalem’s destruction and desolation, the Beast or Roman emperors, to a period of relative peace around Jerusalem for a millennium, to Gog and Magog (the Crusades) with their great losses and defeats, and to droughts in various countries, why wouldn’t a deteriorating planet that is beginning to die off and pass away, or an extinction, happen too? Why would we not actually see the lake of fire that could destroy this heavens? One might say, “Well, I’ll be dead anyway”, but death is not an escape from these things because 1.) Everyone at some time will rise from the dead – the holy and the wicked and 2.) Death and Hades are thrown into the lake of fire. So who can escape? Only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life. We must now place our full attention and gaze upon Him, the Savior.