King Yeshua’s Visitation

Awaking to His Parousia as a Thief in the Night

Why King Yeshua’s Visitation was Written

The following is taken from part of the Preface in King Yeshua’s Visitation:

My understanding in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy started between 2000 and 2002. Despite what the majority of Christians believe, as a preterist, I knew in the time line of prophetic fulfillment we were currently at the passing away of heaven and earth. However, I did not understand exactly how. Everything seemed peaceful and normal. Somehow, the earth’s end was at hand, but I didn’t understand specifically in what way it was happening. I couldn’t see the connections until news about the deteriorating state of the earth began to become known and the massive die-offs of various species of life started to occur and increase at an alarming rate.

The body of the Messiah should be made aware of the signs unfolding in our time. A partial preterist is a type of watchman, and more people in the body of the Messiah should pray about the signs occurring globally and prepare. If scientific data, videos concerning the deterioration of the earth, and people’s testimonies of the changes they are seeing in their regions are not convincing enough, consider that a passing away or extinction was prophesied in scripture.

Consider prayerfully how humankind in history has come to this point since the worldly kingdoms in Daniel. We should not see these signs in isolation but as the big picture, as a whole, and as a sign of what is happening right now and what is to come in the next few decades. 

According to scripture, it is certain the end of heaven and earth is imminent-if not in my lifetime then in the generations that follow. Scripture may not be specific about exactly how earth ends; the only detail given is that everything heats up, is on fire, and melts, which is what we are beginning to see with wildfires, glaciers, and some asphalt streets. Scripture may not label it “climate change” or “environmental destruction” or a “super volcano”, but Yeshua knew humankind would not change quickly enough to save earth due to greed, riches, preeminence, blindness, and pride.

It is not just the passing away of earth, but also the heavens above when the stars and diminish and the sky rolls up like a scroll. How does earth escape if the heavens in which it exists pass away around it? How does the heavens pass with a roar, but earth is left untouched? It is like running from a snake inside the house, only to meet the bear outside. Even if we kill the snake (save and cool planet earth), the bear is waiting or approaching us (from the heavens). According to His word, there is no escaping judgment and destruction. It is at the door.

About the Author

Carmen Saunders is a believer in Yeshua, the Messiah, She serves as a member of the choir at a messianic synagogue. She serves as a volunteer in children’s church. She has earned degrees from Texas Woman’s University and Houston Baptist University. She teaches children math and science. Saunders is a volunteer at the local city animal shelter where she visits, fosters, socializes, and attends cat adoption events. She lives in Texas.