King Yeshua’s Visitation

Awaking to His Parousia as a Thief in the Night

Before Him the Last Act is Played

Before the one true God, the first heaven and earth’s history have been laid out. Before the great King who is renowned in the heavens, all the wars are waged and will soon cease. Before Him, they are coming to an end. Before the One who has visited this planet since 70 AD, time and death are playing its last act. Before Him, His word has found its place in fulfillment from the time of the four ancient worldly kingdoms mentioned in the book of Daniel to the Messiah’s death and resurrection, to His return as a thief in the night, to Armageddon or Gog and Magog which were the Crusades where He fought, until this current century where earth and all that is within it dies and the heavens above are shaken by forces and laws we don’t fully understand. Before Him, we live our lives unaware of His visitation, unaware of the danger facing the entire planet. It is before Him, we stand or we fall, we love or we hate, we are holy or evil, and we are saved or condemned. This is the fork in the road, the decision of our eternal fate. This is it – the culmination of humankind’s history in a first heaven and earth. Will you wake up to Him with a kiss or continue in your slumber as He passes you by?

What awaits is a new beginning of time and a new history to come forth. What awaits is a newness to all things. What awaits is a great exodus. What awaits is a new earth according to His word. All is not lost for those whose names are written in His book, they shall inherit a new earth. While it seems impossible for people to go to a new earth, He shall make it possible. It is a promise to the meek and faithful.

King Yeshua’s Visitation offers another perspective and interpretation of prophecies to what is currently happening from a partial preterist view. A great King has visited this planet. We must wake up not only to the disasters and catastrophes that have begun to unfold in our time on earth, but also wake up to the great King, Yeshua, who has visited it. Certain events that have occurred in history are like His footprints that speak to His presence here as a thief in the night. It is a divine visitation, a Parousia or extended stay of the One renowned in the heavens. We must not sleep in His presence, but wake up and seek His face and His mercy. We must recognize the time of His visitation. Earth’s passing away is written in the Holy Scriptures. We are witnessing this unfolding in our day and age. In King Yeshua’s Visitation, read how He has brought much of His word to past and how certain events have aligned to His word since His spiritual arrival, or Parousia, around AD 70.  King Yeshua’s Visitation explains the mystery of His Parousia. The gospel is a lifejacket thrown out to keep one’s head above the waters (the world) so no one drowns, so then one can see the lifeboat (Yeshua), swim toward Him, and get into the lifeboat. Time is quickly running out according to what is written in Scripture.

So, this is what the King has laid out before us, the generations of this current age. We must decide: will we humble ourselves before Him and proceed with Him or go our own way to our own peril and destruction? Yeshua will take what is His, and this will all be over soon. Before King Yeshua, heaven and earth’s days are numbered. The neck is in the noose.