King Yeshua’s Visitation

Awaking to His Parousia as a Thief in the Night

A Test of Faith

There are people who are not aware of what is coming upon the earth according to Scripture and how it is actually unfolding before us. They don’t believe it because maybe it would be an inconvenience to them or it is just too terrifying to consider it true. It’s easier to deny it and wish life would continue as the normal they have always known and felt comfortable with. Whether we believe this or not, it’s here and we are witnesses. There are those who choose to not believe the scientists as much as there are those who don’t believe Scripture is being fulfilled from a partial preterist perspective.

Is it not written, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6)? God’s own people can reject knowledge and so enter into unbelief to their own peril. It is not enough to just have faith. Faith must stem out of knowledge of the truth. One knows the truth, believes it, and is set free. Then they can act in faith accordingly.

It’s easy to say one has faith, but when God gives instruction to build an ark and to get in it, they won’t do it because they don’t believe the flood is coming. They won’t act according to faith in the truth, and so they are in peril. If God says to them to leave the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, they won’t leave because they don’t believe that a loving God would destroy the cities in fire. To them, the fire isn’t coming. If God told them to flee to the hills of Judea, they would be of the crowd that chooses to stay in Jerusalem because God will defend them against the Romans. They don’t believe the armies are coming or that the pagan armies will destroy Jerusalem and the holy temple. So they prove that they really don’t have any faith to their peril. It is the same with people today when the threat of imminent extinction, increase in temperature, and fiery destruction is mentioned by scientists or from a biblical perspective using Scripture. They refuse to believe it is coming or that it is even here. It is unbelief or doubt, not faith. If God gives any further instruction on what to do, they will not do it. They don’t believe fire is coming or that planet Earth will ever be destroyed. Yet, this is the same mindset of those in previous biblical disasters mentioned who perished.

If one doesn’t believe and agree with the scientists, believe the Scripture. Consider this perspective I write about in King Yeshua’s Visitation. There are many in the church who either do not know or understand the signs unfolding or they know of them and say “Jesus is coming soon” without realizing He has been here in a Parousia as a thief in the night for a while. A watchman, whether he sees the person or not, knows when their master has returned or that someone has been inside or around the property or at the gate. He stays awake and undistracted. He is focused and studies the environment and property for any strange and unusual things occurring.  He sees the signs, the clues, the evidence, and the footprints even if he hasn’t met him yet. A good watchman knows when the property is being visited or if there is a threat. He reads the warning signs. A good watchman informs others of the household or kingdom to wake up and get dressed and girded. That is the purpose of this book, King Yeshua’s Visitation. I couldn’t keep this to myself, but had to cast my bread upon the waters. The purpose is not to destroy one’s faith, but to encourage people to build up their faith because there may very well be a test of everyone’s faith in decades to come. Will you pass or fail?