King Yeshua’s Visitation

Awaking to His Parousia as a Thief in the Night


Preterism is not a common perspective and interpretation among many Christians and Messianic believers. Many people have never heard of it. Those who have heard the varying views among the few preterists who believe and teach it consider it heresy. Most churches teach the futurist perspective and interpretation of prophecy.

                A preterist is one who believes some or all prophetic scripture has been fulfilled. A partial preterist sees some end time prophecy fulfilled, including the second return of the Messiah. A full preterist believes everything in biblical prophecy is fulfilled, including the second coming, and that this is a new earth in a new heaven according to Revelation. I don’t consider the content in King Yeshua’s Visitation a doctrine, but it is a perspective, a point of view, or an interpretation. Among preterists, there are some differences in their interpretations. A futurist believes prophecy about the end times is still yet to take place; nothing has been fulfilled yet. The futurist view is the most common view among churches across many denominations. It takes faith to be a preterist just as it takes faith to be a futurist.

Any preterist view is controversial and so is climate change. Many don’t believe the planet could be destroyed, only purged. Some don’t believe the possibility of complete destruction. Many don’t agree with either the preterist view or climate change, so I wrote about how these two controversial issues in King Yeshua’s Visitation align together and explained how the deterioration of planet Earth coincides with what is written in biblical prophecy from a partial preterist viewpoint. Many churches don’t see how it is even related to anything pertaining to scripture, but it is related and it is terrifying. Well, it is written in Scripture (Amos 5:18-20) that the Day of the Lord is terrifying. They dismiss climate change as the “wisdom of men” when actually it is only part of the fulfillment of prophecy that scientists are reporting in detail.

                Among the different preterist views, this interpretation must be considered thoughtfully because of the various species of animals that have went into extinction in the last two centuries and many more endangered species on the cusp of it.  Also, because the deterioration of our planet which is affecting every continent and country in different ways: wildfires, melting icebergs and glaciers, more powerful storms, water shortages, drought, decline in insect populations, etc.

                One may ask, “So if Yeshua came a second time, is He gone and not returning?” Keeping in mind that His return is one in the spirit by the Spirit, His coming in glory was around 70 AD, but the Parousia, His visitation, is like what He did when He visited Moses, Noah, the tower of Babel, and Abraham. I believe it is one of two things: it is either a Parousia, or extended stay through the millennia or it is a traversing between the heavens and earth. With so much prophecy fulfilled that lines up to ancient historian accounts and history, He had to have been present in spirit as the world of every age slept unaware of His arrival and visitation to it during the age of the first few Roman Emperors and during the Crusades which were Gog and Magog. These are the footprints. This is how His coming is like a thief in the night. How can we continue to sleep during the visitation of a great King? We all must wake up and become alert to Yeshua as watchmen and to the unfolding disasters coming to the inhabitants of the earth. Recognize the time of King Yeshua’s Visitation.